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Rubbermaid 5’ x 4’ Medium Vertical Shed Installation

Viktor Domashenko : Отличное решение для частного дома!

Rubbermaid 4’ x 2.5’ Vertical Shed Installation

Robert Tang : Anyone else find the middle section of each door needs a hinge because the doors bow outwards in the middle section. There are even indents that looks to be a place to install a hinge. Not sure why the hinges were not included.
Alt V7 : Although not recommended due to safety concerns, I was able to easily install the 1V31 shed by myself. With one person, attaching the panels to the back wall and attaching the roof panels require finesse, patience and common sense relative to safety.

ROOF: For the roof panel, use empty gallon milk container filled with water and carefully place it at the back corner to hold down the roof while screwing the roof panel to the back wall. First place a rubber mat on the roof to keep the water jug from potentially sliding off. Remove water jug when finished.

FLOOR: Pre-drill all six indented guides at floor level before attempting to screw in the assemblies to the floor panel unit, that will save you some frustration.

With the proper tools was able to build unit in under 20 minutes. Great purchase.

Rubbermaid 7’ x 3.5’ Shed Installation

T Hart : Did anyone have trouble getting the roof panels on. It won’t line up and we are getting frustrated.
G. Francisco : I'm seriously considering buying one of these but I am concerned about how they hold up in high winds. We live in "hurricane alley" along the Cape Fear River in NC. How sturdy are these plastic sheds in 70-100 mph winds? Thanks!
Richard Mills : I like this shed   if it had a gable end door.
David de Hilster : What about accessories for hanging things?
Daves toy cave : I'm thinking about buying one for tmr,thanks for the video,I was wondering if there are different colors?
Kitty Kat : Hey guys I LOVE ALL OF YOUR PRODUCTS .I JUST PURCHASE MY SHED A week ago picked it up yesterday FROM HOME DEPOT @601 Naamans Rd .... The Ridge beam R ... Is confusing .... One end has a hole for the bolt ,washer and nut. (0) the other end doesn't it looks cut off (C) ... HELP PLEASE
Claymont, DE 19703 in the




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